Seventh Science Conclave
Organized by
Indian Institute of Information Technology- Allahabad, India
December 08-12, 2014



List of Confirmed Candidates From Universities

List of Shortlisted candidates for Inspire Internship Program-2014

The purpose of these annual intellectual gatherings of Nobel Laureates and eminent national / international scientists is to provide a platform for free interaction to young students, teachers and researchers to interact with high-profile intelligentsia, show them the excitement of scientific research/investigation and motivate them to take up study of science as their careers, which has seen a significant decrease owing to other lucrative fields of study. There has been wide acceptance and appreciation of these Conclaves and its positive role in furtherance of the purpose it was aimed at. The objectives of Science Conclaves may be summarized as follows:

  • To inspire, motivate and give thrust to science education, research and development.
  • Divert at least ten percent of best talents from other disciplines to science stream.
  • Develop plans to rejuvenate science education and research.
  • Bring together the Nobel Laureates, young Scientists and students in a relaxed and informal atmosphere and encourage meaningful dialogue amongst themselves.
  • Contribute to enhancement of science education leading to the developmental growth of the country.
  • Organize personal encounters with top class scientists of different generations and cultures.